Becoming More


Are you looking to “become” more in life?

Maybe you want to be an influential leader, teacher, spouse, parent, sales professional or entrepreneur. Whatever it may be, you have the ability to become more, to be your best self.

As so many of us want to become more in life, we all experience the pitfalls we can’t seem to break through. Sometimes we fall into daily habits and rituals that keep us from taking a leap of faith that will get us out of our comfort zone. Some of us have the desire to be more, but don’t know what action steps to take to get there.

Here is a simple 3 step formula that can help you. By the way, don’t let the simplicity of the 3 steps turn you away from it’s effectiveness to change your life.

Learn: Take every opportunity you can to learn and study!

If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, wouldn’t it make sense to learn as much as possible about business, finance, building a network etc. Wouldn’t you want to interview as many entrepreneurs as possible on your journey to success? Wouldn’t you want to know what their successes and failures were so you can learn what to do and what not to do?

You would think that is what we would do if we want to achieve greatness! Learn from those before us, learn from those that are where we want to be. Learn from the go getters; the ones that don’t settle for average.

The fact of the matter is that most people only read one book a year. I read once that the average CEO reads 5 books a month; 60 a year!

Success leaves clues! That’s one of them. If you want to become more; read more, learn more, look for opportunities to learn as much as possible.

Act: The right level of action required to become more is “massive” action.

Whatever you’re wanting to be, you need to take action on that skill or improve that talent on a daily basis.

One of my top goals last year was to become a more influential speaker. The first thing I did was buy a handful of books on the topic of public speaking and of course, I read all of them. In the process of reading the books, I also listened to hundreds of Ted talks on youtube to see how the best speakers presented on stage. What was their stage presence? How did they dress? What did they do with their hands? How much of the stage did they use when presenting? I looked for everything. Although, I obviously couldn’t be them and had to create my own style and be myself when I spoke; I picked up a lot of great strategies and skills that helped me become a much better speaker than I was last year.

Aside from reading and watching videos on speaking, I looked for every opportunity I could to speak. I acted on those opportunities as often as possible. I also increased the amount of conference calls with larger audiences. Even though I wasn’t speaking to a live audience, I was still taking action and speaking much more than I was.

Become: I think it’s important to understand that you’ve never arrived at your final destination. You can do more, you can be more!

Thinking that I have become the best speaker I can become after a year of hard work would be silly. I constantly look for opportunities to continue to hone my skills. If I don’t speak often what happens? I take a step backwards and I’m not as influential on stage as I could be if I keep practicing.

My invitation to you today is to look for opportunities that push you, opportunities that make you uncomfortable. Maybe you aren’t comfortable speaking in front of people. If that’s the case, I want you to look for those opportunities to speak; you’ll be surprised how many of them will come your way when you look.

Whatever skill you’re trying to hone continue learning about that skill, take massive action on what you are learning and with consistent effort and small daily improvements, you will become great at whatever you pursue.


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