Questions that Sell Interview with Paul Cherry

This is one of my favorite interviews to date.  Paul Cherry is the Founder and President of Performance Based Results.

Paul has over 25 years of experience in sales training and sales performance coaching.  He has worked with sales teams at over

1,200 organizations in every major industry from startups to fortune 500 companies. He is a top selling author.  His latest book, Questions that sell is

what we focus on today.

Paul answers questions like:

How sales professionals set a good presence early when they walk in the door or make the initial cold call.

What questions you should ask the “gatekeepers” and the “decision makers” early to get customer attention.

Why it is important to focus on customers pain and get their emotions running high.

Important aspects of the close, when and how to do it!

Here are Paul Cherry’s books I highly recommend you read if you want to develop better relationships with your

current customers and potential clients.  You will sell more!

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